5 Things I Learned in France

  1. The Paris subway system is a behemoth!  It’s vast but efficient and apparently you’re never more than 400 meters from a subway stop.  I thought it was great!  Easy to understand and navigate  ….and a good value. 
  2. In Brittany the church bells ring a lot…even during funerals.
  3. The French people are not as PC as I thought.  While in Paris there was a huge demonstration against the newly passed law allowing same-sex marriage.  The authorities
    Visiting Hours Don't Stop For Mass at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris
    Visiting Hours Don’t Stop For Mass at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

    estimated over 150,000 people but the promoters claimed it was closer to one million strong.  I happened to walk through the area as they were setting up in the afternoon.  There was a big stage and for a quarter-mile  there were several video boards, and cranes with speakers hanging from them.  I thought it was for a concert or I would have taken some photos.

  4. It’s possible to spend two weeks in Brittany and only hang out with expats from the UK.  My tally for the 16 days in Brittany:  I met 2 or 3 French people and about 45 Brits.
  5. Notre-Dame is quite amazing even when there is a zoo of tourists (like me) roaming through in the middle of Mass.

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