5 Things I Learned in Puerto Rico

  1. No Pictures! in La Perla.  Click the link…and read why!
  2. El Yunque National Park is worth spending the day hiking in.  It’s absolutely beautiful!!
  3. I can spend days walking in Viejo San Juan and not do a thing.  I love it!  The vibe it gives off is kind of electric, at least to me.  Maybe that’s because it’s the first city I spent time in after leaving the states, or maybe it’s really that special.  I’ll go back sometime and see if I get the same feeling.
  4. The people who live in the mountains of Puerto Rico are professional drivers!  The roads are crazy.  Twisting, curving, tight cornered.  They all drive fast and without fear but in 5 days I didn’t see any wrecks.
  5. The little sweet bananas grown by my gracious hosts in the mountains are my favorite bananas of all time!
    Hammock in Front of Banana Trees, Puerto Rico
    Hammock in Front of Banana Trees, Puerto Rico

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