5 Things I Learned in Spain

Barcelona Bikes
Barcelona Bikes
  1. Sometimes in Barcelona bicycles get parked in the street and motorcycles get parked on the sidewalk.
  2. The Spanish landscape is beautiful, even on the AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona at 300 km/hr (186 mph).
  3. The cathedrals/churches/basilicas I visited, old and new, are amazing demonstrations of architecture.  Everyone knows that.  What I learned is you don’t need to be Catholic or Christian or a religious person of any faith to get a special feeling while inside.  To me it’s very calming and while I’m not a deeply religious it feels very spiritual.  It’s a good feeling whether you think it has to do with religion or just being in such an impressive space.
  4. There is a lot of free stuff  for budget travelers in the big cities….just look for it!
  5. No matter what you do in Barcelona, your to-do list must include Montserrat and The Sagrada Familia Basilica.   If you have to skip 10 other things and delay your flight home, you MUST visit these two places while in Barcelona.  Don’t miss them, no matter what!  And if you’re there around 2026 you might get to see the finished Sagrada Familia.  It will be twice this tall!

    Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece, The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
    Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned in Spain”

  1. I completely agree with you about the two places worth seeing while in Barcelona. I was there last year and they made on me great impression as well. The Sagrada, like other works of Gauide, is difficult to be described in words. You must just see it! Keep on writing about your journey! I like reading what hapened to you.

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