Big Travel Mistake

I was an idiot today.  I made a HUGE travel mistake.  Actually it wasn’t a travel mistake as much as it was just a stupid thing that happened because I wasn’t paying enough attention.  If I was French or had known the local customs it wouldn’t have happened.  If I was paying more attention to my surroundings it wouldn’t have happened.  And I wasn’t alone.

My WorkAway friend Dave and I were walking around this little Breton village and saw a nice tall church (all the small villages in Brittany seem to have a nice tall church).  We were in the back and saw a sign in French that roughly translated to ‘free church tower visits’.  Like any good traveler I like to check out the old churches I come across, especially those that are free.  After a couple of hours walking around the village and taking pictures we found ourselves walking in front of the church and noticing a few people walking out we decided to take a look at the inside.

There were only a few people inside, all in front, and it looked like they were talking with the priest.   I sat down, as I normally do in big churches to get a good look around, and Dave was wandering up the center aisle.   I began looking at the pamphlet on the pew next to me and upon looking up saw the people at the front turning to leave with a small casket.  That’s right….it was a funeral.

I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard of the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’.  At the end there is a scene about crashing a funeral.  That’s not exactly what we were doing, but close enough.

I immediately got up and we swiftly left.  After getting out the door we saw what should have been noticed while walking in…the 45 or so people standing outside in black, and the hearse waiting with back doors open.

We accidentally walked in on the funeral of a French child!!  At least I hadn’t pulled out my camera and started taking pictures yet.

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