Kansas Road Trip

This week marks two years since I began traveling, and to celebrate that small anniversary I’d like to get your advice on a trip I’ve wanted to take for a while.

If the timing works out for me – in May and June – I might take a few weeks to drive around Kansas and see many of the places I’ve never visited, meet people I’ve never met, and photograph the beautiful, interesting, and awesome in my home state.  In order to do that, and not miss things worth checking out that I’ve never heard of, I need your help.

If you’re a native Kansan, a transplant, or happen know some place worthy of a visit, let me know where to go.

What hidden waterfall or century old bridge is worth searching out? Where are the best local museums?  What festivals/fairs are not to be missed?  Know a great small town mom-and-pop café?  Tell me where.  Know a place for great sunsets?  I want to go there.  Who’s the person in your hometown that knows all the history, the legends, and forgotten stories – and wouldn’t mind sharing them?

Share your Kansas knowledge with me and help make my road trip something special.

Thank in advance!!


7 thoughts on “Kansas Road Trip”

  1. Coronado Heights in Lindsborg and Mushroom Rock State Park in Brookville! Both very cool! Coronado Heights has amazing views and I think there may be some hiking trails. You probably won’t spend much time at Mushroom Rock, but still something interesting to see if you get a chance!

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