One Drawback of Traveling Unmapped

If you followed the Unmapped Travels Facebook page back in mid May, you may have known about the first Unmapped Travels Postcard Contest when I asked for suggestions of where to travel on my way to Brittany, France for my second Workaway gig.  It turned out my brother Matt had the lone dissenting opinion of all the comments and his reasons were solid so he won the contest.  His intended prize was a postcard from Bordeaux.

From the beginning of my travels I knew one drawback to the way I’m traveling (on the cheap while not planning routes and accommodations far in advance) could be occasionally hitting a situation that doesn’t fit into my budget.  It’s a risk I’m willing to take to allow more room for spontaneity.   I ran into such a situation on my way to Brittany through Bordeaux (Matt’s suggestion).  I was in San Sebastián, Spain looking for a place to stay in Bordeaux, France and to my surprise, there are next to zero budget accommodations in Bordeaux, and zero hostels.  So I went to the train station in San Sebastian and instead of buying a ticket to Bordeaux found a decent priced ticket to Paris.  So the drawback led to me SPONTANEOUSLY going to Paris.  For me, a nice consolation to Bordeaux, and for my Postcard Contest winning brother a nice consolation Brittany postcard.

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