When I left to begin my journey in 2013 I had one goal: Embrace the experience.  To me that meant the experience as a whole, but more-so it also meant the everyday experiences in new countries and cultures.  Doing that abroad for most of a year, followed by a few months at home in the States, I learned many things about myself, the world, my home country, and travel in general.  I started this site as a way to document and share those experiences and travel stories.

Unmapped Travels
Unmapped Travels

Someday, after making many more short and long-term trips, I may write a travel related book with insights, travel hacks, and general information and stories from life on the road. Until then, as I continue to make my way to new places around the globe I’ll  post stories, photos, and observations on this site.

Here is one: Whether you’re traveling over a long weekend, a two-week holiday, or for months at a time, I think being spontaneous with travel time gives the best experiences and longest lasting memories.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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