Tonight’s Options

So… I have the option tonight to either go to an outdoor concert at Edinburgh Castle….or to the Edinburgh Underground Ghost Tour. Jessie J is the concert, I don’t know who she is, but the last concert I went to without knowing the act was awesome (The Lumineers – thanks Bill!). So… Anyone have any thoughts on where I should go??

7 thoughts on “Tonight’s Options”

  1. you lucked out with the lumineers, jessie j i a marginal hip hop singer. you may be more interested in the underground tour.

  2. Did you feel any cold spots where you walked or have something brush by you unexplained. I tell you the ghosts were with you. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH.

    1. Well… I did get picked to be the last person in the group to make sure nobody got left behind while we were in the underground. I assume because I said I’m a skeptic and don’t believe in ghosts…and then I expected the tour people to do something at the end to try and scare me, etc. But nothing happened. It was really cool and she told some interesting stories (all supposedly true stories). It was worth doing….even as a skeptic.

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